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Welcome to Aangan of Kutch

Aangan of Kutch a Private Enterprise Sprung Forth With the Intent of Providing Authentic-intrinsic Ethenic Ready to Wear Products and to Preserve the Link to Indian History and to Keep Alive the Tradition & Culture.

The Intricate and Colourful Hand Embroidery Done by the Women of Kutch -empowering Them With Sustainable Socio-economical Development, Income and Growth – Enabling Them to Become a Player Than Be a Pawn.

Each and Every Garment Designed, Crafted With Utmost Care, Made With the Blend of Traditional Techniques, Skills and Hand Crafted Processes.

We at Aangan of Kutch Strive to Empower the Women Folk by Creating a Viable Market for Their Work of Art and Hence in Preserving India’s Traditional Handi Crafts Along the Way.

The Vision

“The Earth Without Art is Just an ‘eh’.”
“Art Speaks Where Words Are Unable to Explain.”
“Art is Where Work Meets Love and Life.”
“Art is Where the Invisible Renders Itself to Clear Vision.”
“Art is When Invisible Patterns Transforms to Vision Clear and Come to Life Due to Magical Fingers.”

We Aangan of Kutch Aim to Fortify and Promote the Rich Artisanal Skills Inherited /handed Down/ Through Generations.

We Strive to Create an Environment Through Our Efforts Combining, Fusing Togethere the Age Old Traditional Culture With Modern Designs of Vibrant, Sustainable Craft Base/platform in Which All Contributors Receive the Appropiate Appreciation as Well Recognition; an Initiative Enterprise to Not Only to Preserve but to Restore the Pride and Glory of Bygone Traditions and Cultural Art.

The Mission

We, Aangan of Kutch Commit Ourselves to Work in Tandem and Support of Our Designers, Artisans, Cliental Patronage and Enterpreneurs in Expanding Our Business With Distribution of Mutual Benefits All Around, to the Artisans-designers Their Rightful Dues, to the Customers a Product Worthy of Great Value for Their Money, and the Enterpreneurs Bountiful Returns on Their Investment.

we Also Would Work on Protecting Our Eco System and Enhancing Enriching Life.

We would be happy to be at your service.

For any further assistance, get in touch with us.

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